5 Smart Cities That Are Leading The World

As we rush headlong into the future, smart cities are in the limelight and increasingly becoming the norm. Here are five smart cities to keep an eye on.

#1 Kansas City

Kansas City is a smart city of streetlights and interactive kiosks. Wander around town and you’ll be amazed at the 50 blocks of free public Wi-Fi available (shouldn’t this be the norm for every city? I can’t wait for the day). The city’s two-mile streetcar route is beautifully designed, with lots of parking and great traffic flow. The Kansas City app brings up all the pedestrian hotspots that are available to the public.

#2 San Diego

Did you know that the city of San Diego has 3,200 smart traffic sensors? These devices were installed in 2017 to optimize traffic, parking and public safety. It has increased environmental awareness and made this city one of the most liveable cities in the USA. You’ll be amazed at the number of solar-to-electric charging stations available showing off the cities propensity to promote electric vehicle use. You wouldn’t want to be involved in crime in this city as Big Brother has you covered!

#3 Singapore

Singapore is a shining example of a smart city and one of the most progressive in Asia. Singapore has sensors and IoT-enabled cameras that are placed in strategic spots to monitor the cleanliness of public spaces and crowd density. The smart technologies employed help monitor energy, waste production and water use in real time. Impressive! Singapore is also testing driverless buses and it has a world-class monitoring system to ensure the well-being of its senior citizens.

#4 Dubai

It comes as no surprise that this desert city is one of the top smart cities in the world. In Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, smart city technology is used to control traffic routing, parking, infrastructure planning, and transportation.
Dubai’s telemedicine and smart healthcare are at the forefront of technology, and the smart buildings will blow your mind. Think smart utilities, smart education, and smart tourism. Yes, that’s smart Dubai!

#5 Barcelona

In Barcelona, Spain, the smart transportation system, and smart bus systems are a shining example of how this European city is moving with the times. There are smart bus stops with free Wi-Fi (everyone should have this!) and USB charging stations (amazing!). The Barcelona bike-sharing program and smart parking app has gone a long way to reducing congestion in traffic. The city also has sensors to monitor temperature, pollution, and noise. It can also monitor humidity and rain levels. Wanna live in Barcelona?