7 Ways To Be More Sustainable Around Your Home

Living sustainably is fast becoming a necessity for this generation and future generations. It’s really not difficult to be a good citizen if you put your mind to it. People who live in cities need to be particularly careful about caring for the environment. Here are some simple things you can do around the house to help the environment.

1. Lighting

Change out all your lighting to use LED lighting or CFL bulbs. Both of these last longer and will reduce the need to keep changing your light bulb. Try wearing an extra layer of clothing, instead of switching on the heater. You’d be surprised at how warm and toasty you’ll feel with two pairs of socks. Draw the blinds open and let the natural light shine into your home before you decide to use electricity.

2. Power

Save power and switch off your lights when you don’t need them. Run your pool cleaner on solar power or during off-peak times. Make sure you adjust your pool vacuum according to the seasons, as you won’t need to run it as long in winter. Better still, invest in converting your pool into a sustainable pool that is better for the environment.


Display a no junk mail message on your letterbox as paper is an unnecessary waste and can be negative for the environment if not disposed of properly.


Hang wet clothes on a drying line outdoors before using a powered dryer. Also, try hand washing some clothing items if you have a small load. Choosing an energy-saving washing machine is a big help. Some smart cities are offering hundreds of dollars in rebates to people who buy energy saving devices.

5. Save water

Time your showers and save water. You can purchase a shower timer for a few dollars. Invest in a shower head that is water saving. The best toilets are the kinds that are water saving and self-cleaning. Pay a little more for one that is friendly to the environment.

6. Gardening

Grow herbs, fruit and vegetables. You don’t need a large garden to do this – try planting them in pots. Use organic fertilizers and make your own compost from kitchen waste.

7. Wifi

Try switching off your wifi box and other electrical devices when you’re not using them.

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